“Droneroad: Development of a tool for the study of the layout of linear works through drone flights ”is an R&D project developed during 2018-2019 between the companies Rover Infraestructuras and Nova Cartographia supported by IVACE within the Program of R&D Projects in Cooperation with co-financing from the FEDER Funds of the Valencian Region 2014-2020.

The main objective of the project has been the development and validation of a new tool for the study of new construction layouts (mainly linear), by incorporating data and images taken by drone flights into the layout study.

Within the framework of the project, a study of the necessary specifications in the data collection of the drone flight has been carried out so that the images have the appropriate quality and characteristics for their subsequent dump and analysis.

Additionally, the architecture and functionalities of the application have been defined, which has subsequently been developed in collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática.

The use of the tool developed in the linear work studies carried out by the participating companies allows obtaining information almost in real time, by means of an immediate dump of the data in the web tool, being able to share by the entire project analysis team, a very relevant feature when it comes to tackling international projects that now require different work teams operating and interacting from different locations.

The project concluded in mid-2019 and the tool is currently available and used by Rover Group personnel under the name MasterView.


Detail of the image viewer of the developed tool where you can see the linear layout made by the drone with the different points on which images have been taken (left) and the magnification of the image taken at each point (right).

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