Khalifa University Street Improvement
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Name: Khalifa University Street Improvement
Client: Khalifa University
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Project value: 13,700,000 AED
Completion Year: 2017

Project Scope:
Renovation and improvement of external area around Khalifa University between Airport and Muroor Road. Improvement works is divided in two areas 1st Street (zone 1) and Al Saada Street (zone 2).

Project main quantities:
On 1st Street the scope consists of:

  • Installation of ϕ600mm storm water drainage pipe along 155 meters approximately between two existing manholes.
  • Construction of three new manholes along the line ϕ600mm pipe.
  • Narrow the whole street above 470 meters long from the actual size of 10 meters wide approximately to final one of 7 meters wide, including milling the old asphalt wearing course layer and replacing with new layer along 1st Street.
  • Installation of new kerbstone with new pavement footpath area at both side along 1st Street.
  • Construction new inlets adjacent to the old inlets along left side of 1st Street in order to drain the storm water to old manhole.
  • Existing manhole are sealed.
  • Roads marking surface and signals are installed in this street.
On Al Saada Street the scope consists of:
  • Creation of a Bus Stop and Drop off area like a new access to Khalifa University.
  • Installation of ϕ300mm storm water drainage pipe along 200 meters approximately in Drop off area to drainage this carriageway and connection to new manhole. This new one will keep the water of both sides of Drop off area and will drain to an existing manhole. Also six new inlets were made.
  • The pavement of the Drop off area and the Bus Stop were made with all courses as per the ADM requirements.
  • Both Drop off area and the Bus Stop were delimited with new kerbstone, even the Grass area between those.
  • The existing water & irrigation network were protected with concrete slabs in areas where we did the roads above.
  • New electrical line and installation of eight new light columns along the Drop off area.
  • Road marking surface and signals were installed in this zone.