Gdansk levees

Location: Gdansk (Poland)
Developer: Port of Gdynia Authority
Budget: 493,838,971 PLN (114,846,273 €)
Completion year: 2021
Execution period: 30 months

Two sheltered dikes, “Extension” of 846 meters in length and “New” of 830 meters, made up of 38 floating reinforced concrete caissons, sand core, breakwater protection mantle and protection layer formed by tetrapods. The superstructure is partially made up of prefabricated elements, including a seawall up to a height of +5 m. s. n. m., 30 bollards and fenders.

The "Extension" is an extension of a pre-existing free-standing dock, connecting both through a transition platform made up of piles and sheet piles. The "New" is a new exempt dam, close to the previous ones.

- Drawing of sand and silt: 421,000 m3.
- Sand fillings: 170,000 m3 have been filled at the bottom, 160,000 in the cells of the caissons and 175,000 in the core of the dike.
- Stone benches: 84,600 t
- Floating concrete boxes: 38 units 48 meters long, 10 wide and 13.40 meters deep. With anti-reflective windows.
- Ha-30 reinforced concrete: In boxes 55,000 m3 and in the superstructure 25,000 m3.
- Breakwater beds: 690,000 t.
- Precast concrete parts in superstructure: 637 units.
- Prefabricated boots: 505 units.
- 5 and 8 ton tetrapods: 17,700 units.
- 70 ton bollards: 30 units.