New Container Quay 22-25 - Gävle Hamn

Location: Port of Gävle (Sweden)
Client: Gävle Hamn AB
Type of contract: AB04 - Construction
Budget: 227 440 000 kr (≈23Mill €)
Construction Period: Sep18-Nov 2020

Expansion of the container terminal at the port of Gävle generating 360 meters of berthing line; 200 m. as advance of the cantile line of the existing dock and 160 m. of new dock. Mooring line consisting of a 500 mm RD pile screen. and cantile beam where the front leg of the container cranes is housed, rear beam founded on 320 mm RD piles. in diameter to house the rear leg of the container cranes and bracing of both structures by passive tie rods. Including pavement between both structures, facilities (water supply, drainage, etc). and dock equipment (fenders, bollards, ladders and barriers).