Improvement of the East Quay. Phase 2

 Location: Barcelona
 Developer: Barcelona Port Authority
 Budget: 21.398.981,61 €
 Completion year: 2011
 Execution period: 19 months

The works consisted in the repair and improvement of the breakwater, parallel to shore ,over a length of more than 5 km.

The main actions corresponded with:
- Repair of breakwater slope and foot with rockfill.
- Protection berms in slope foot with rocks and 10 ton concrete cubic blocks. -New slope protection over existing one, formed by concrete blocks of 50 tons.

Supplies and placement riprap 4 tons.
Riprap material recovery from existing quaids: 48.353 Tn.
Supplies and placement riprap 500-1.000 kg: 3.456 Tn.
Concrete in blocks of 50 tons: 122.743 m³.
Concrete in blocks of 10 tons: 6.835 m³.
Transport and placement ,blocks of 50 tons: 5.713 uds.
Transport and placement, blocks of 10 tons: 1.608 uds.