Port Inner Basin new entrance
(America’s Cup 2007)

 Location: Valencia
 Developer: Valencia Port Authority
 Budget: 52.842.353,77 €
 Completion year: 2006
 Execution period: 12 months

344 m long main breakwater and 889 m long counter dike. Berth of reinforced concrete floating caissons and granular filling necessary for 3 Ha of shelter level space.

Dredging: 1.349.654 m3
Level space granular filling: 239.744 m3
Rubble mound bedding layer and breakwaters, ripap: 2.824.600 t
Mass Concrete in blocks and special pieces: 40.746 m3
Submerged concrete: 23.658 m3
Reinforced Concrete floating caissons: 13 uds. Quay superstructure:
- Mass Concrete HM-30 on heel: 33.529 m3
- Reinforced concrete HA-30 at edge quay beam: 7.571 m3
Steel frame: 238.030 kg
Concrete pavement 4 Mpa: 3.339 m3