AZ-1 in the Port of Bilbao

Location: Bilbao
Contracting Entity: Bilbao Port Authority
Budget: 27 MILL € + VAT
Execution period: August 2021 – May 2023

The works consist of an approximately 251m long extension of quay AZ-1, maintaining the same structural typology as the current quay.
The main activities include dredging of 11,200 m3 of the seabed for the foundation of the caissons, the construction of 5 concrete caissons, with the measurements: depth: 24 length: 50.17 m and width:17.16 m, which are lowered onto a previously conditioned filling bank at a depth of -21, and the execution of a 251 meter long capping beam of the new pier.
The project also involves the execution of an 49,760 m2 esplanade next to the pier, which is built with filling material, as well as a protection structure, protecting the esplanade against the waves coming in through the mouth of the dock of the expansion of Bilbao Port.