Sheltering works for Valencia Port enlargement

 Location: Valencia
 Developer: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia
 Budget: 193.377.541,17 €
 Execution period: 40 months

Phase I execution for Valencia port enlargement, consisting of a 3.385 m long and 12-21.5 m depth new main breakwater and a 1.096 m long and 11-18.5 m depth counter dike.

Dredging: 648.606,460 m3
Level space granular filling: 1.993.338,712 m3
Rubble mound bedding layer and breakwaters, riprap: 8.337.993,47 t
Mass concrete hM-30 for 9-45 t blocks:: 302.344,470 m3
Reinforced concrete floating caissons: 48 uts
Quay superstructure:
- Mass concrete hM-30 on heel: 3.610,073 m3
- Reinforced concrete ha-30 at edge quay beam: 47.007,215 m3
Concrete pavement 4 Mpa: 10.017 m3