VALLESA NATURA - Semi-detached houses next to the Turia Natural Park

 L’Eliana, Valencia (Spain)
 Total plot area: 10.292 M²
 Total floor area: 8.114 M²t

- Swimming pool
- Multi-use common space
- Playground area
- Large landscaped areas

The Residential is located in a very special spot due to its proximity to the Vallesa Natural Park. The proposal develops 45 semi-detached houses, whose movement allows the existing trees to be incorporated into the garden of the houses.
All the semi-detached houses seek orientation around the central space where the social club, the swimming pool and the most important tree mass of the plot are located. The proposal assembles the free spaces of the plot, putting in value the protected vegetal species and making landscaped spaces of great environmental value.
Each semi-detached house will have its own private garden, with direct access to common free spaces.