PPP Circuit 6 - Route 6 Cuchilla Grande section – Route 12

 Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
 Contracting entity: MTOP (Ministerio de Transportes y Obras Públicas)
 Budget: 134 m USD
 Completion period: 36 months (March 1, 2022 – February 28, 2025)

Public-Private Participation (PPP) project aimed at the design, construction and maintenance of 78km of road, with a total term of 20 years, the first three of which are intended for the construction and the remaining ones for the operation of the section, which will receive availability payments. from the Ministerio de Transportes y Obras Públicas.
The financing is supported by entities including BBVA, BROU and IDB..
For the first two years, widening and reinforcements will be carried out on the road sections with traffic, so that a phased construction procedure has been developed to avoid the need for traffic cuts and minimize road safety risks.
BSM (Bitumen Stabilized Material) technology, known as foamed bitumen, was used in the design for the reinforcement of the existing pavements. Existing pavement layers will be milled and recycled to produce BSM1 in plant and BSM2on-site.
During the second and third years, works will be undertaken on San Ramón By-Pass which will provide the town with a section of a new floodable route, as opposed to the current route.