Location: Ourense
 Contracting entity: ADIF AV
 Budget: 22,684,812.77€
 Completion period: January 2022-March 2024.

The project consists of the construction of 2,260 km of new platform on the high-speed railway line, section Túnel de Rante – Seixalbo connection. This project is unique in that within a little over two kilometres, numerous structures and very unusual and complex actions have to be carried out.
Among these actions a 356 m post-tensioned viaduct will be built over a river and the N-525 highway with piles up to 41.6 m high and spans of 43 m in length, using a self-supporting girder to avoid affecting vehicle traffic and reduce the environmental impact on the Barbaña river. Two other post-tensioned viaducts will also be built, a concrete frame will be installed under the current train tracks where AVE trains run to Ourense and in order to avoid the interruption of the railway traffic, a track shoring will be used, a drainage pipe will be laid under the same tracks with an internal diameter of 2.5 m including shoring.
Another very singular action is the control and protection of an existing tunnel during a clearing necessary for the execution of the platform, for this 8 km of sleeve pipes for grout injections and a pile screen are installed, also the clearing requires the execution of 3600 m2 of nailed walls (soil nailing) through the use of 8.6 km of self-drilling bolts. All these works require a real time monitoring/auscultation system for both the Áspera tunnel and its track using triaxial clinometers and robotic total stations during the execution of the pile screen and grouting and subsequently the stripping on top of the tunnel.