Platform of the High Speed North-Northwest Corridor.
Madrid – Galicia Line. Section: La Canda Tunnel. Right Track

 Location: TT.MM. Lubián a Mezquita. Zamora – Orense
 Developer: Adif    
 Budget: 78.929.041,36 €
 Completion year: 2017
 Execution period: 53 months

The works carried out consist of the excavation of the right platform of a twin-tube tunnel with a total length of 7,412 m and the execution of the joint exit portal of the two tunnels on its west side by means of a double artificial tunnel. The following elementary works are included:

  • 1 tunnel with a single track (right track) of 7,201,5 m executed by the classical method
  • 16 connection utility tunnels between tunnels
  • 2 artificial tunnels, corresponding to the exit on the west side of La Canda tunnels (left and right track), of 79.5 m each
  • 302 m of open-air platform (171 m left track, 131 m right track)