Railway platform of the new High-Speed Railway access of Levante.
Stretch Játiva - Énova

 Location: JÁTIVA (Valencia)
 Developer: Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF)    
 Budget: 62.844.182,70
 Completion year: 2007
 Execution period: 38 months

Construction of railway platform of two UIC wide tracks that implement the High-Speed connection between Madrid – Alicante – Valencia, in the stretch Játiva – Énova. This Project is composed by the following elementary works:
- 800.000 m3 of fillings
- 6 viaducts
- High-Speed tunnel of 604 m
- Iberic wide tunnel of 583 m
- Cut and cover system tunnel of 281 m
- 5 overpass and 1 underpass