Kardonbanan, Norrköping

Location: Norrköping (Sweden)
Client: Trafikverket and Norrköping City Council
Budget: 348 380 000 kr (≈35Mill €)
Construction Period: Oct17-Jul2020

Within the East Link Plan or Ostlänken, which plans a high-speed corridor in Sweden linking Södertälje (south of Stockholm) and Linköping, is the Kardonbanan Project. Kardonbanan is the new seven-kilometer electrified railway line connecting Åby station (north of Norrköping) with the port of Norrköping, thus freeing up the corridor for the new high-speed track. To this end, all the railway civil works of the 7 km platform for double track were carried out, as well as the assembly of 1.5 km of new track.

For this, it has been necessary to transport more than 550,000 m3 of excavation material, as well as 30,000 m3 of blasting. Seven new bridges have been built on the side of the structures: 3 railway viaducts, 2 road bridges and 2 cycle bridges. Among the structures, the bridges over the Motala River stand out, both for their technical and logistical complexity, since they combine maritime and land resources during their construction. These are two parallel bridges with 3 spans and 100 meters of deck built on site.

Simultaneously with the construction of the Kardonbanan road, the Norrköping City Council has rebuilt and expanded roads, paving 25,000 m2 of roads and building 6 km of new cycle lanes. The new roads make it safer and more sustainable to get to and from workplaces in the industrial centers of Händelö and Malmölandet.