North district road interconnection and Alcoy Viaduct

 Location: Alcoy (Alicante)
 Developer: Conselleria d’Infraestructures, Territori i Medi Ambient de la Generalitat Valenciana
 Budget: 6.569.640,00 €
 Completion year: 2014
 Execution period: 16 months

Construction of a road of 683 m long which 426 m are made by a mixture viaduct of eight spans (maximum span: 64 m), circle top view and maximum slope of 8% and vertical curve over the Serpis river. The viaduct is composed by:
7 reinforced concrete double shaft pier above 9,30 and 22 m height, braced on top.
Steel girder structure with box section and variable depth (between 3 and 6 m)
con juntas únicamente en los estribos. / Continuous reinforced concrete deck casted on site, 13,50 m wide, with joints only on the abutments

The cross section is composed by 2 carriageways of 3,80 m and 2 footpaths on the edges (one for pedestrians and other for bicycles) protected with parapet and hand railing.