La Plata Highway.
Stretch Fuente de Cantos – L.P. of Huelva

 Location: Badajoz-Huelva (Spain)
 Developer: Ministerio de Fomento
 Budget: 87.733.279,10 €
 Completion year: 2007
 Execution period: 39 months

Construction of 26,2 km long stretch of highway, the maximum slope is 4,9% and the minimum radius is 1.500 m. The cross section is composed by 2 carriageways of 2 traffic lanes of 3,5 m wide, interior and exterior shoulders and median. The main elementary works are the following:
4 interchanges
6 viaducts
5 overpass
18 underpass
74 drainage

The main quantities are the following:
Excavations: 6.995.442 m3
Fillings: 6.005.000 m3
Subbase: 631.474 m3
Cement stabilized earthen floor: 427.122 m3
Soil cement: 167.722 m3
Bituminous concretes: 327.184 Tn
Structural concrete: 83.502 m3
Reinforced steel: 10.723.146 kg