Construction of Avenida Alsacia, Section 3

Location: Bogotá D.C.
Contract Type: Construction Contract
Budget: $ 106,162,080,371
Date (Start-End): February 14, 2019 - Currently active.

Construction of the Guayacanes Avenue section 3, from the Ciudad de Cali Avenue to the 71b cross-section, in Bogotá D.C .; which includes the construction of 2.75 km of three-lane asphalt road, including the construction, adjustment and standardization of hydraulic networks (drinking and sanitary water), the main network and dry networks (telematics). The project, in its section 3, also includes the construction of two 270 m long three-lane vehicular bridges, and a metallic pedestrian bridge, as well as the construction of 2.75 km of bike paths and 115,800 m2 of public space, of which 65,000 M2 correspond to green areas.

This project has the potential to directly impact a little more than 150 thousand inhabitants of the towns of Kennedy and Bosa, and indirectly more than 3 million inhabitants of the entire city that make use of the main road network of Boyacá Avenue.

Rover Contributes to the city's strategy to improve the quality of life of millions of Bogota’s citizens.