Branches of Plasencia

Location: Plasencia
Client: Adif
Contract Type: Public Works Contract
Budget: € 16,295,045.76
Date (Start-End): Jun 2017 - Present

The works include the construction of two platform sections for the Madrid-Extremadura high-speed line that will allow the connection of the sections already completed of the high-speed line between Plasencia and Cáceres, with the Monfragüe-Plasencia conventional railway line.

Its construction implies the execution of a railway infrastructure of 2.92 km in length with a platform suitable for a high-speed double track, an access branch to Plasencia, with a single-track platform and a length of 1.8 km and ending in the Monfragüe-Plasencia Iberian gauge line, Plasencia side, and a branch to Monfragüe-Madrid, with a platform also on a single track, which deflects from the future high-speed platform and connects with the Monfragüe-Plasencia Iberian gauge line (side Monfragüe).

The works include the construction of the viaduct over the Terzuelo stream with a length of 175 m, 4 overpasses, 2 underpasses and 15 transversal drainage works, as well as the replacement of easements, complementary works, work facilities and design of the measures corrective measures of environmental impact