Modernization of railway line 30, section: Lubartów - Parczew

Location: Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Contracting Entity: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
Budget: PLN 79,980,000 (excluding VAT)
Completion year: 2021
Execution period: 12 months - design preparation phase with the obtaining of all the necessary permits 15 months - execution phase

The contract consists of the design and execution of 28km of single track of line 30 (Parczew-Lubartow) from PK 52 + 578 to PK 79 + 073 with all the necessary infrastructure: Ciecierzyn stop, structures in other sections, as well as control equipment of rail traffic, assembly of 13 detours, buildings, bridges, level crossings, telecommunications network and equipment, electrical network and equipment and replacement of affected services. In addition, the 210 m long bridge (river Wieprz) is being renovated.

The performances include the following elementary works:
- 6 frames,
- 1 viaduct,
- 7 bridges,
- 10 stops and 1 railway station,
- 20 level crossings.