Location: Teulada (Alicante)
Contracting Entity: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV)
Budget: 15,000,000 €.
Completion year: 2021
Year of execution: 2020 - 2021

The project carried out is aimed at the integral renovation of the superstructure of the Teulada - Gata de Gorgos section along line 9 of the Alicante TRAM network, jointly with the conditioning and improvement of the infrastructure, structural elements, drainage, reinforcement and lining of the existing tunnels, and the application on site of a series of preventive measures to alleviate geological risks. Further details of the scope of work are as follows:
· Renovation of the metric gauge superstructure (1,000 mm) executed 4,121 linear meters of track on ballast and 1,815 linear meters of track on slab with direct exposure.
· To carry out the full refurbishment of the existing infrastructure, excavations have been undertaken to clean up and reconstruct embankments with structural problems, improve the crowning layer of the platform by spreading gravel and a final layer of 30 cm thick sub-ballast.
· In the 3 existing tunnels, with a total length of 450 ml, the vertical gauge has been increased in view of the future electrification of the line, and the vaults and gables have been stabilized by means of bolts and reinforced gunite.
· The restoration and enlargement of the stone viaduct over the Gorgos River is a highlight of this project. In addition, 253 linear meters of cut-and-cover tunnels have been built in the tunnel entrances and 120 linear meters in trenches; 280 meters of piled slabs and retaining walls. Five existing underpasses along the section have also been upgraded.
The most relevant action of the project, due to its considerable heritage value and difficulty of execution, has been the refurbishment and extension of the centenary Gata Viaduct over the Gorgos River. This bridge, with a total length of 163 meters, was designed by the mining engineer José Carbonell in 1913. On the one hand, the deck has been enlarged by means of a sliding formwork carriag to reach a width of 7.50 m, and on the other hand, the vertical faces have been restored and protected. Finally, ornamental lighting has been fitted to enhance the architectural value of this bridge.