Bailén station of line 5 of Metro Valencia

 Location: Valencia
 Developer: Conselleria d´Infraestructures i Transport. Generalitat Valenciana    
 Budget: 25.383.092 €
 Completion year: 2005
 Execution period: 28 meses

Construction of metro station by construction of a tunnel during the regular railway service of the line. The enclosure has been made attached to the existing tunnel by slurry walls, the dimensions in top view plant are 250 m long and 10 m wide. The works of infrastructure, track and catenary assembly, railway signage, architectural finishes of the station and service installations (ventilation, electricity MV and LV, plumbing, mechanical, access control) are included in this Project.

The main elementary works are the following:
- Reinforced concrete slurry walls: 8.200 m2
- Excavation protected by slurry walls: 42.000 m3
- Structural concrete: 15.400 m3
- Reinforced steel: 2.160.000 kg
- Structural steel: 112.000 kg