Manisses Hospital

 Location: Manises (Valencia, España)
 Developer: Generalitat Valenciana
 Budget: 51.524.446,35 €
 Completion year: 2008
 Execution period: 18 months

The works consisted in the execution of two volumes of 150 m long by 16 m wide each, both joined by the centre and by the ends, giving rise to the formation of two large trapezoidal inner courtyards and a face of each volume, which tower over the alignment of the lateral facades. The building has six storeys above ground level that lead to a constructed area of 31,230.55 m2 and a parking basement with a constructed area of 17,467.00 m2.

The main work units are:
- 120,000 m3 of open pit excavation
- 12,600 ml of piles in situ CCPI-8
- 15,100 m3 of HA25 in slabs on grade
- 6,000 m2 of cavity-wall facade