Agora of the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

 Location: Valencia
 Developer: València, Ciència i Comunicacions, S.A. (VACICO)    
 Budget: 102.850.000,00 €
 Completion year: 2009
 Execution period: 36 months

The construction of the covered square of the City of the Arts and the Sciences of Valencia. The square materializes in a singular building of elliptical plan of diameters 88 and 66 m and a surface of 4.811 m2. It reaches a maximum height inside 75 m and 105 m with the opened brisesoleil outside.
- Structural steel: 7.468.936 kg
- Steel frame: 1.331.711 kg
- Reinforced concrete: 9.391 m3
- Curtain Wall: 4.116 m2
- Piles driving 40x40 cm: 5.280 m
- Trencadís cladding: 8.021 m2